Contractors & Vendors

We’re hiring contractors!

Main Street Renewal and Bungalo vendors are part of quality projects, enjoy discounts on materials, and earn fair compensation without low-bid competition. Got your interest? Watch the video and submit your vendor application today!

Why join our team?

Consistent work

  • Our growing platform means a consistent acquisition volume each month
  • Opportunities to work with Main Street Renewal, an industry leader in Single Family Home acquisitions and property management, and Bungalo, the real estate platform to bring the entire home buying and selling experience under one roof, offering a direct-to-consumer, tech-enabled experience.

Simplified procedures

  • Standard materials for all properties eliminate confusion on product purchasing
  • Direct deposit payments and competitive net payment terms
  • Local branches in your area, as well as a central office

No lowest-bid competition

  • Predetermined scopes of work
  • Total wage transparency – based on per line item per job, eliminating inefficiencies created with providing estimates

Join our contractor team

Main Street Renewal is a licensed real estate brokerage.

We are focused on renovating and leasing homes across the country. We are proudly based in Austin, TX and have branches in 30 cities with more coming soon.

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