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Join a fast growing team of sub-contractors across the country.

Main Street Renewal is a property management company based out of Austin, TX. We renovate and lease single family residential homes in 30 different markets. Our primary focus is to provide a quality-renovated home to our residents.

Why join our team?

  • No lowest-bid competition
  • Our vendors know exactly what they will be making on a per line item basis for each job. This eliminates inefficiencies created with providing estimates.

  • Discounted purchasing programs
  • We offer negotiated material prices with various suppliers to help you maximize returns. Our suppliers can ship materials directly to the property serviced.

Join our contractor team

Call our team at 833-675-3273 or use our form to learn more.

Main Street Renewal is a licensed real estate brokerage.

We are focused on renovating and leasing homes across the country. We are proudly based in Austin, TX and have branches in 30 cities with more coming soon.

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