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Louisville, Kentucky is home to a thriving population, old homes and a modern culture. Those who are looking to lease in this city may find more opportunity in the cooler months, but shouldn’t be afraid to dive in during more competitive market months to find the perfect place.

Consider the following information when deciding whether or not leasing in Louisville, Kentucky is the right choice for you.

The City

Louisville, Kentucky, founded in 1778, is the largest city in Kentucky. As of 2014, Louisville’s population was estimated to be sitting at 760,026. Louisville is home to many well-known attractions including the Kentucky Derby, the University of Kentucky and the Louisville Cardinals.

Louisville is home to grand architecture and historic buildings that add to the area’s charm. Visitors to the Old Louisville neighborhood can enjoy the Victorian-style homes, or travel downtown to appreciate the skyscrapers and the impressive skyline. The downtown area is also home to several swanky hotels and “Museum Row,” where you’ll find numerous art exhibitions.

There are a number of great neighborhoods in and around Louisville.

East Louisville is upscale and features bungalows and old Victorian homes that look like they’re straight out of a book. Communities like Crescent Hill and Clifton are filled with these pleasant suburbs, and the streets emit a New Orleans style with boutiques, cafes and an artsy population.

Southeast Louisville offers a neighborhood known as “Cherokee Triangle,” which sits along Bardstown Road, an area full of independently-owned businesses, coffee shops and galleries. Here you’ll will find old apartment buildings and single-family dwellings; another great location that offers ample opportunities.

The Economy

Louisville’s growing economy has helped to spur an increase in population resulting in the thriving city we see today. Louisville is a hub for a number of industries including the healthcare, food and manufacturing industries.

Louisville has seen a population increase of approximately 9.7% over the last ten years, a number which exceeds both the state of Kentucky and the nation’s average growth. Jefferson County is one of the most popular areas for the growth, with 7.3% increase.

Each of the counties in the surrounding area have assisted in the growth of Kentucky, and those who are considering leasing should take note that there are opportunities in a variety of areas with growing populations.

Current employment opportunities are showing great promise, with year-over-year employment in the non-farming industry nearly doubling in 2013. The increase has resulted in an increase of 18,000 jobs opportunities and an increasingly successful employment rate for the city of Louisville. Those who are moving into the area will be happy to know that expectations for the city’s economy continue to impress, and opportunities should only increase in the next few years.
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