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Kansas City, Kansas has a small town feel despite being a large city. There is plenty to do making Kansa CIty a great place to settle. The following information provides a snapshot of how this city is poised for the future.

The City

Kansas City is the third largest city in the state of Kansas, and had an estimated population of 148,483 as of the year 2013. Historically, Kansas City has always been well positioned for growth and commerce, located at the intersection of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. Settlers traveling west stopped regularly in Kansas City, and in more recent times the construction of Interstate 70 has continued to bring traffic through the city.

Despite Kansas City’s continued growth, it still retains a small-town feel. Many who come to the area are looking for a quieter place to live, and those who are looking to lease in the area should be aware of the more relaxed lifestyle in this city.

There is plenty to do in Kansas City, including a number of parks, rivers, and trails for those who enjoy outdoor recreation. There are many historic sites in the area, and the city has numerous arts and cultural festivals throughout the year. Kansas City is home to the Chiefs (NFL) and to a popular NASCAR race.

Some of the more popular Kansas City neighborhoods include Victory Hills, Riverview, Turner and Argentine. The heart of the city seems to have the greatest concentration of luxury homes.

Prices begin to decrease as you move away from the city, with homes outside the city having median prices ranging from $25,000–$48,000 depending on the area.

The Economy

Kansas City is home to a variety of successful enterprises including the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant, Associated Wholesale Grocers, and Kansas Speedway. The University of Kansas Hospital is the city’s top employer. Together with the adjoining University of Kansas Medical Center, there are a number of employment opportunities available throughout the various schools of medicine, allied health and nursing.

By the Numbers

The average rent for a home in Kansas City is $788, which is a relatively low and agreeable price compared to the national average of $1,087. As of October 23, 2015, the median list price of a single family home in Kansas City, Kansas was $84,998, with an average list price of $135,319.

The Kansas City real estate market is seasonal in that more buying and selling occurs in warmer months. However, demand remains relatively consistent throughout the year. Therefore, those looking to lease should be aware that prime listings typically are not available long.
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