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According to Fortune Builders, Jacksonville, Florida is experiencing a surge in the economy with a steady increase in employment and rising home values. Recent trends in the Jacksonville housing market have slowly retreated from the recession, and are now showing a greater potential to match the housing market success of its city neighbors.

The City

Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida with a 2014 population of 853,382 (1,345,596 in the metro area). The city is situated on the St. Johns River approximately 25 miles south of the Georgia border and 340 miles north of Miami.

Jacksonville homes encompass a wide variety of styles, many of which speak to the lifestyle of the people and the warmer coastal temperatures. Often the more luxurious homes sit close to the water or in private communities and embody what is known as the “Florida-style” design. This classic style speaks to Spanish or Mediterranean architecture with large front columns and stucco wall textures. The exteriors reflect more natural colors to allow the natural plantation colors to pop, and the insides are more spacious for strong air circulation.

Apartments and smaller homes in the city are also designed to stimulate air circulation and “open” interiors. And while the exterior designs are not quite as grandiose, many of the buildings are designed with subtle tones that bring out the natural environments prevalent throughout the city.

Popular Jacksonville neighborhoods include Riverside, Mandarin, Chimney Lakes, East Arlington, and Deerwood.

The Economy

With easy access to its large, sandy beaches and a long warm weather season, Jacksonville relies on its tourism for a large portion of the city’s economic success. According to Reuters, tourism generated $2.2 billion in revenue in 2013, making tourism a vital part of the area’s economic success.

In addition to tourism, Jacksonville’s military and civilian deepwater port make it the third-largest seaport in the state of Florida.
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