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Fort Myers, Florida is a great place to settle down and build roots if you’re looking for an affordable and beautiful city. With a long summers, short winters and breathtaking ocean-views, Fort Myers will feel like a vacation ever day. In addition, with a strong market and distinct home styles, Fort Myers is a fantastic place to look for leasing opportunities this year. 

The City

Fort Myers is the commercial center of Lee County Florida with a population of approximately 65,275. Fort Myers is the gateway into the Southwest Florida region, and it is a prime spot for tourism throughout the year. The locals are welcoming and there is always something to do. As a result, tourism is a prime driver of the local economy.

Fort Myers has a number of highly-rated schools, and crime rates in the area are extremely low only. A safe and friendly city, Fort Myers, is an excellent choice for those looking to relocate. 

For those who are keen to head towards the water, housing designs will also be something to look forward to with high-rise foundations that keep out water damage during stormier months. And while not all of the homes are designed like this, it’s a good idea to look for ones that are more modern and provide a safer design for your home’s sake. 

Visitors will also notice that along the water homes are extremely luxurious. Built on multiple floors with large bay windows and very exquisite details, you’ll notice many have hints of a Spanish or Mediterranean style. Don’t be surprised however if you see some Asian-inspired homes and the more eclectic tastes of the builders. 

Right across the street, homes tend to decrease dramatically in curb appeal, but still offer a beachy, comfortable feel that almost suggests more of a cottage look. Don’t be fooled by their outer appearance though, as these homes are still close to the water and won’t be cheap.

Popular neighborhoods in the Fort Myers area include McGregor, Arborwood, Colonial County Club, Whiskey Creek, and Heritage Club.

The Economy

Fort Myers is considered a gateway to the Southwest Florida region is a major tourist destination. As such, the economy of Fort Myers is largely dependent on tourism and associated industries such as hospitality, vacation rentals, and related service industries.


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