What’s Main Street Renewal?

We’re a private home leasing company that purchases select single family homes across the U.S. and converts them to beautiful, leasable homes. Find one today.


Is leasing better than owning?

For many people, yes. Depending on your situation, leasing can be a better option financially, especially when considering the long-term commitment of a mortgage or hefty down payment. Talk to one of our advisers and see what makes sense for your situation.


Are your homes new?

Generally our homes are pre-owned. We carefully select our homes and update them according to our high standards. Improvements and amenities are unique to each home and might include new kitchen appliances, granite counter tops, flooring and landscaping. We are committed to creating high-quality homes you will love to live in.


Where are your homes?

We have homes available in several states across the country, with great neighborhoods and access to many amenities families want. Take a look at our current properties.


Can I buy a home?

Our homes are for lease only, not purchase.


How do I qualify?

Before applying, we ask all future residents to review our list of qualifications.  If you still have questions, give us a call.  View our privacy policy here.


How do I apply?

Click on the “Apply Online” link for the specific property you want.  Supporting documents (including pay stubs, etc) must be provided to complete the application.  You can email or fax documents to your branch. Find your branch information here. Generally applications take about 48 hours to process.


What if the home I want already has an approved application?

Applications are prioritized based on application date and paid security deposit. If another application on was approved before yours, you can still transfer your application to any other Main Street Renewal home for free! You can also choose to make your original application a “Back-up Application” and be notified if your property becomes available.


My credit is not great, will that matter?

We consider many factors when reviewing your application, not just credit alone, such as past rental history and current  income. You can take the first step and starting searching for a home here.


Does Main Street Renewal accept Section 8 or other assistance program applications?

Yes! All Main Street Renewal homes are eligible to residents using Section 8 or other assistance programs. Before you apply, please provide the address and listing information to your caseworker so they can verify if the house will qualify.


Are pets allowed?

Absolutely, we love pets! All homes are pet-friendly.  It’s one of our best features!  Read more about our pet-friendly homes.


What can I expect as a new resident?

As a new resident with Main Street Renewal, you can expect quick, courteous resolution of any issues at move-in. Sometimes when utilities are turned on moving into your new home, problems come up, but we will work with you to take of them quickly by submitting a maintenance request here. We also ask new residents to fill out a property condition form within 30 days of move-in. Other than that, enjoy your new home can reach out through the resident portal with any questions or comments!


Am I responsible for maintenance?

Our residents are responsible for regular upkeep, while Main Street Renewal takes care of most major repairs. Please see your welcome packet for specific information under the section “Resident and Landlord Responsibilities.”


Can I sell you a home to lease?

Yes. We are always looking for properties and would love to talk. Please email us here.


Where can I find a list of current job openings?
Read more about joining the Main Street Renewal team on the careers page.