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Dallas, Texas is a beautiful city that continues to grow both culturally and economically. Anyone relocating to Dallas will want to consider the the following information to make an educate decision about how to find their new home in this great city. 

The City

Dallas is the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States and is home to a population of approximately 1,281,047. The city is the third most populous in Texas behind Houston and San Antonio. Dallas is also the largest inland metropolitan area in the country without any access to the sea.

Dallas is home to a long list of districts, each with their own eclectic stores, homes and natural spaces. Those looking for a home near popular attractions and busy nightlife will want to look to Central Dallas, which includes the Downtown area.

East Dallas offers more of an artsy vibe and features some of the city’s more historic buildings. This area is a great location for those who enjoy classic architecture and prairie-style homes. East Dallas is still relatively close to the downtown area but is not quite as bustling and boasts a middle-class style. 

South Dallas features a number of parks and rolling hills mixed with busy nightlife and neighborhoods. The area has undergone many changes in the past couple of years, gentrifying from a lower income area into one of most popular up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Other popular Dallas area neighborhoods include Oak Lawn, Preston Hollow, North Dallas, M Streets, and Far North Dallas. 

The Economy

In 2014, the economy of the Dallas metro area surpassed that of Washington, DC, making it the fifth largest in the United States. In 2014, the city had a GDP of more than $504 billion, and in 2013 Dallas became the fourth largest employment sector in the nation with over 3 million non-farm jobs.

The Dallas economy is comprised of a variety of industries including banking, energy, computer technology, transportation and healthcare. The economic sector has directly contribute to the city’s continued growth in terms of businesses and population. The strong economy fuels Dallas’ budding job market and growing population.

For those considering relocating to Dallas, the time is ripe. 

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