I just moved in. What can I expect as a new resident?

As a new resident with Main Street Renewal, you can expect quick, courteous resolution of any issues at move-in. Sometimes when utilities are turned on moving into your new home, problems come up, but we will work with you to take of them quickly by submitting a maintenance request here. We also ask new residents to fill out a property condition form within 30 days of move-in. Other than that, enjoy your new home can reach out through the Resident Portal with any questions or comments!


Am I responsible for maintenance?

No. All our homes include maintenance as part of our standard lease. If something needs fixing, residents can easily submit a repair request.


When is rent due?

Rent is due on the third day of the month. Failure to pay on time will result in a late fee.


How do I go about renewing my lease?

If you are interested in renewing your lease with us, please feel free to contact us via this link, over the phone, or at the leasing office. If you have already been offered a lease renewal, you can review and accept it via the Resident Portal.


I plan on moving out. What do I need to do?

If you are planning to move out, please contact your local office to schedule a move-out inspection of the property. At the move-out inspection, we ask that you return all house keys that were given to you. If you had a garage with a remote, please return the remote.
If you have any unpaid rent or fees, we will ask that you pay that at move-out. Lastly, we’ll ask you for a forwarding address, so we can send you your security deposit letter.